Backend/ DevOps Engineer

at Versori
Manchester, UK

Who we are

Versori is a Y Combinator backed data-infrastructure company. Our first product to market is Switchboard, an any-to-any no-code data integration platform which allows businesses connect their systems without the need for expensive developers or lengthy project timelines.

What you will do

• Build and maintain a globally-scalable infrastructure platform built on top of Kubernetes (k8s), using Kustomize, FluxCD, and bespoke operators. • Implement monitoring of infrastructure and solve complex problems in real-time using Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana and other tools. • Build tools to assist non-technical users understand the state of their infrastructure. • Work alongside the rest of engineering contributing to highly scalable and resilient back-end services using Golang, CockroachDB, NATS JetStream and other Cloud-Native technologies. • Bring innovative ideas to the roadmap, and work to implement these ideas within your team. • Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies in software engineering.

Who you will bring

• Proficient in Golang and at least one other programming language. • Expert knowledge of k8s. • Expert knowledge on network security and how to apply this within k8s. • Excellent communication and collaboration skills. • Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to work independently and within a team. • Experience in any major RDBMS and how to administer it at scale. • Experience in monitoring and alerting on k8s workloads. • Experience in CI/CD tooling • Experience in at least one major cloud provider, for example Google Cloud Platform. • Ability to script in bash or python.

You will stand out with experiences in

• Managing large k8s clusters (1000+ pods). • Extending k8s clusters with custom CRDs. • Knative or other serverless frameworks. • Istio for network security and observability. • Infrastructure as Code practices and managing large k8s deployments. • Open source contributions - especially within the cloud-native space.

Why work with us

Versori is a fast-growing company where you’ll have the opportunity to not only work on cutting-edge technology, but also help drive the culture of the business as we scale. Additional benefits include: • Flexible working hours. • Stock options. • Equipment, tools and training budget. • Excellent office location in Salford Quays with easy transport links via roads, bus or tram.

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