Build better with Switchboard: no-code construction data integration tools

Switchboard's robust data integration and automation capabilities provide the construction industry with a powerful platform to optimise operations, reduce downtime, and improve project outcomes.

“Automating our retail processes with Switchboard has changed the game...”

Gareth, RAW Group


Popular integration workflows in the construction sector

Safety management

Monitor and track safety protocols and incidents and provide real-time alerts and analytics whilst enabling efficient reporting and compliance to improve safety outcomes and reduce risk.

Equipment management

Automate equipment maintenance and replacement schedules, data collection and analysis, and provide real-time reporting and alerts to optimise equipment performance and reduce downtime.

Building performance analysis

Collect and analyse building performance data and enable optimisation of building design, operations, and maintenance for improved energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Field data collection

Enable field workers to collect and transmit data in real-time from construction sites, automate data entry and analysis and improve communication among project teams.

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