Custom, legacy or new - integrate software in just a few (clicks).

Think your most obscure custom software can't work harmoniously together? Think again. Welcome to the world of any-to-any.


Any software you can think of, Switchboard can integrate it

Can’t see the software you’re looking for in the App Library? No problem, just create it yourself. Simply upload the OpenAPI doc and your custom or legacy software can be integrated and automated right away.

n0-code solutions

Developer-free integrations are fast, easy and budget-friendly

Requiring developers for every single integration your business needs is a huge constraint on your growth as a company. Enjoy the power and freedom of no-code integrations and automations that can be set up in minutes.


Take back company time whilst Switchboard puts the hours in

See Switchboard as your newest integration team member that maintains your workflows 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost of manually managing them. 100% accuracy, watertight security and user-friendly tools for even non-technical users.

step one

Add your OpenAPI doc

When we say any-to-any, we mean it. All you need is an OpenAPI document for the app you're creating and you're just a few clicks away.

step two

Add in your app details

Choose your app name, icon image, sever settings and auth method. Once you've completed these steps, your custom app will be waiting for you in the Switchboard library.

step three

You've just created a new app

Your new custom app is ready to go. Head to your board, drag the app in and you're ready to build integration and automation workflows.

Connects with the tools you love

See your software integrated today

Get a personalised demo from our integration experts.