10 ways Manchester became a leading tech city

Harry Brown
March 22, 2023

Manchester has been making waves in the tech industry in recent years. From fintech to media, the city has become a hub for innovation and creativity. In todays blog, I felt it would be appropriate to highlight 10 tech-related facts about our beloved Manchester you may have otherwise missed.

1. MediaCityUK

Manchester is home to MediaCityUK, a hub for media and creative industries which houses companies such as the BBC and ITV. The 200-acre development is located in Salford, just a short distance from Manchester city centre. The site also includes facilities for education, including a campus for the University of Salford.

2. Manchester Digital Association

The city is also home to the Manchester Digital Association, a trade association for digital businesses and professionals. The association aims to support and promote the city's digital community, providing a platform for networking and collaboration.

3. Fintech

Manchester has a growing fintech industry, with companies such as Zuto and AccessPay headquartered in the city. Zuto, a car finance comparison site, was founded in Manchester in 2006 and has since grown to become one of the UK's leading fintech companies. AccessPay, a cloud-based payments and cash management platform, was also founded in Manchester and has been growing rapidly in recent years.

4. Tech job growth

In 2022, Manchester was ranked as the second-best city in the UK for tech job growth, with the number of tech jobs in the city growing by 77% between 2018 and 2021 The city has a thriving tech scene, with a number of startups and established companies choosing to base themselves in Manchester.

5. AI and Machine Learning

Manchester has also become a hub for AI and machine learning, with a number of companies working on cutting-edge technology in these fields. One such company is Peak, which provides AI solutions for businesses looking to optimise their operations and improve customer experience.

6. Tech events

Manchester hosts a number of tech events throughout the year, including the annual Manchester Digital Summit, which brings together industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the tech world.

7. Gaming

The gaming industry has also found a home in Manchester, with companies such as Sumo Digital and TT Games having offices in the city. Sumo Digital, which has worked on games such as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and LittleBigPlanet 3, has a studio in Manchester city centre.

8. Health tech

Manchester has also become a hub for health tech, with a number of companies working on innovative solutions to improve healthcare. One such company is Push Doctor, which provides an online platform for patients to connect with healthcare professionals.

9. Startups

Manchester has a thriving startup scene, with a number of companies choosing to base themselves in the city. The city has a supportive ecosystem for startups, with a number of accelerators and incubators offering support and funding to early-stage companies.

In conclusion, Manchester has become a leading player in the tech industry, with a diverse range of companies and professionals working on cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. The city's reputation in fields such as fintech, AI, and cybersecurity has been growing rapidly, and its supportive ecosystem for startups and established companies alike has been instrumental in driving this growth. With a range of tech events and initiatives, Manchester is well-positioned to continue to make an impact in the tech industry in the future. As a result, Manchester is an exciting city to watch for anyone interested in tech innovation and its future.

Harry Brown
March 22, 2023

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