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Innovative software that empowers public sector teams to streamline workflows, eliminate tedious manual tasks and unlock the full potential of your data without requiring technical expertise.

“Automating our retail processes with Switchboard has changed the game...”

Gareth, RAW Group


Popular integration workflows in the public sector industry

Human resources management systems

Streamline employee data management, automate payroll and benefits administration, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide employees with a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Information technology systems

Use Switchboard to automate IT systems enabling your organisation to streamline workflows, increase data accuracy and ensure compliance with regulations—all while saving time and reducing costs.

Procurement systems

Integrate your procurement operations to gain better visibility into the supply chain, enhance supplier management, reduce manual data entry errors while also improving procurement efficiency and compliance.

Compliance and regulatory systems

Automate compliance and regulatory systems with Switchboard for greater accuracy, transparency and accountability in regulatory reporting, without requiring technical expertise.

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