Transforming data types is a huge problem for many businesses - until now.

If it seems like your data is speaking entirely different languages from system to system, see the Switchboard transformer as your data translator and standardiser.

data transformation

Improved accuracy, efficiency, and insights through data transformation

Pinpoint Accuracy

Switchboard will clean and standardise your data, eliminating errors and inconsistencies for good.

Lightning Fast Retrieval Times

Access and analyse your data faster than ever before to make the most informed decisions for your business goals.


Reduce costs, increase profitability and improve the sustainability of your operations with streamlined automated processes.

Watertight Security

Transforming data through Switchboard protects sensitive data from unauthorised access, theft, and tampering, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

the power of automation

Make the most of your time with data transformation

Transform data with unprecedented speed, consistency, accuracy and scalability using the only truly any-to-any integration and automation platform.

integrations simplified

Accuracy, consistency and watertight security

Manual data handling is time-consuming, resource-heavy and error-prone. Switchboard eliminates the burden of manual data entry, allowing your business to focus on what really matters.

Connects with the tools you love

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