Streamline utility operations with Switchboard's no-code data integration and automation tools

Easily automate processes such as meter reading, billing and payment, outage management, asset management and workforce scheduling.

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Popular integration workflows in the utilities sector

Asset performance

Use Switchboard to collect data from sensors and monitor devices, analysing the data to predict when assets are likely to fail, and scheduling maintenance before the failure occurs. This helps improve asset reliability, reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Field service

Integrate mobile applications and connected devices to dispatch work orders to field technicians, track their location and status, and provide real-time information on asset performance and maintenance needs.

Distribution management

Monitor and optimise your distribution network, predict power outages and manage power quality and voltage levels to help improve the reliability and efficiency of the distribution system, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction.

Customer service

Connect and automate workflows across multiple systems and channels, improving the speed and accuracy of customer service responses whilst providing detailed insights into customer interactions.

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