keeping your data safe

Security and Privacy at Versori

Security and privacy is of upmost important to Versori. Everything we do is built upon secure foundations to ensure that your data is safe.

Securing Your Data

Safeguarding Your Information, Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

At Versori, security isn't just a priority—it's our foundation. From stringent access controls to cutting-edge encryption protocols, your data will remain protected at every step of the way.


Ensuring Trust Through Robust Governance: Versori's Commitment to Security

Versori implement all the necessary policies and controls to ensure the organisation is secure both now and into the future. These are continuously monitored through our security partner, Vanta.

Versori are in the process of starting the SOC 2 Type 2 audit - more information can be found on our Trust Report


Ensuring Secure Access: Our Approach to Controlled Permissions

Access privileges are strictly granted based on legitimate business needs, promoting a secure environment.

We conduct regular reviews to to ensure entities do not have more than the necessary access than they require and maintain optimal security levels.


Mitigating Risks: Our Proactive Risk Management Approach

We conduct regular risk assessments on anything that can have an adverse effect on our business, and ensure steps are in place to mitigate any inherit risks.

We rigorously assess risks associated with both new and existing vendors to safeguard our business integrity and operations.

Our team diligently evaluates any changes to technical implementation architecture to preemptively address potential vulnerabilities and maintain system resilience.

We prioritize human risk management (HRM) by implementing measures to mitigate risks associated with human error, ensuring the security and reliability of our operations.


Optimising Product Development: Our Methodical Approach to Change Management

All changes to our product follow these principles, resulting in reproducible builds and less human-error

Our product development process incorporates thorough code reviews to maintain quality standards and minimize errors.

We utilise automated testing and vulnerability scans to ensure robust security measures are in place and to streamline the development process.

With automated deployments, we achieve consistent and reliable releases, reducing the likelihood of human errors and enhancing overall efficiency.

data security

Ensuring Fortified Data Protection: Versori's Robust Security Measures

Data security is paramount at Versori, where we employ industry-leading practices to safeguard your information at every stage.


All data is transmitted by the minimum standard of TLS 1.2, with TLS 1.3 being the preferred default. Our certificates are issued by Let’s Encrypt and are rotated at least every 90 days.


Data at rest is fortified through encryption methodologies meeting rigorous standards set by leading cloud providers, guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity.

data privacy

Championing Data Privacy: Our Commitment to Secure Data Access

Versori takes data privacy seriously, and implement a variety of solutions to ensure that data can only be accessed by the data owner. More information of what data we share with our partners and vendors, see our Privacy Policy.

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