why we do it

You wouldn’t build a skyscraper with terrible pipework, cabling, networking and ventilation.

Versori is the conduit between your critical business systems. We are the plumbing and cabling to ensure that data and information travels through your apps, systems and software with no issues.

what clients say

“Switchboard solves data problems no other platform has tackled”

"We have been using the integration platform from Versori at RAW Group and have seen significant improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of our data exchange between different systems. The intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop interface have made it easy for our team to build system and app connectors with minimal technical expertise. Overall, we highly recommend the integration platform from Versori to any organisation looking to streamline and automate their processes."

Gareth Gillatt, RAW Group


Integrations without limitations

Welcome to integrations with automation. Manual data handling is a headache. Whether your data volume is exceedingly high or data formats are dreadfully different, your time is best spent elsewhere. Discover how Switchboard makes integration easy.


Resource-effective data transformation

Manual data transformation is labour intensive, resource heavy, error-prone and expensive. Transform data with pinpoint accuracy using a library of tools that welcome the tech adverse as well as senior developers and CTOs.


Refreshingly simple user interface

A powerful engine with a super smooth user experience, Switchboard workflows make working with data delightfully simple. Drag and drop your apps and tools to build even the most complex integrations and automations.


Removing the migraine from migration

Did you know that just over 38% of data migration projects either overrun or are abandoned completely? It’s an intimidating task even for those who have entirely clean, formatted, simple, low volumes of data. Easily migrate mass data in just a few clicks with Switchboard.

what the press says

What's the buzz about Switchboard?

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YC Backed Company enables users to build and maintain any-to-any system integrations

Versori Switchboard which allows any person, regardless of their technical level to develop and build their integrations, migrations, workflows and transformations all in one clean platform.

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Versori’s Switchboard helps data flow… without a developer in sight

Today’s startup wants to help big businesses make more of the online services they work with. Versori has a fresh take on the Zapier model that’s worth a look.

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